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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Recent KDC updates - KDC Says Hi! @ UGN 2010...

And team KDC Says Hi is back the 3rd year running!!! After not getting any prizes in last year's Chik-Chak, we were determined to win it... especially some games were kinda pro-KDC ;-)

With James as captain, we went on to win all the 3 games in the Ultimate Games Night!!!

The team of the night!

Game 1 - Charades. We got 3rd Prize :)

Game 2 - Monopoly Deal. John E won us the 2nd Prize!!

Game 3 - Ultimate Games! 3rd Prize!!!

Chief architect of the Leaning Tower of KDC :P

Prize Giving :)

Great result for 2010's KDC Says Hi team :) Let's do even even better next year!!

Recent KDC updates - Cell Outing to Fraser's Hill

It's been a while :) How is everyone doing? We trust that God's faithfulness are seeing us through everyday of our lives! :)

Here are some recent activities during this year (more will be coming up!)...

We went for a trip to Fraser's Hill in April for Louise's farewell and Jason, LC and James birthday. It was a short trip but it was really fun!!

Resting at a midway stop on the way up the hill...

Stopping by the Jeriau Waterfalls for lunch...

Checking in the cozy bungalow... and yup, it had a real fireplace!

Visiting the town center in the afternoon...

Preparing for dinner...

Affirmation for Louise...

Jason and LC's Birthday Celebration (unfortunately James could not join us up the hill because of work)...

Umm... why is he on the chair?!

Checking out and family photo

We went horse riding...

and when it seemed too early to go back, we went to Genting!

Wrapping up... Rick saying grace for our lunch... :)

A great outing!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This place need an injection of excitement!

how has everyone been doing? everyone is so high-techish these days that we practically stay in touch thru watsAp or at the very least, facebook.

be really, how's things been for you guys?
its almost the middle of the year, and i see one more semester SWOOOOOSH by. so many things come and go, but i hope you don't forget to continue to good fight :)

stop by and say hi k!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overflow 09'

Ahhhhh :) its that time of year again, where busy-ness of life seems to catch up so easily and we're left dry and in need of refreshing. maybe it's not the bustle and hectic schedules, but rather, an emptiness that you can really piece together. is there enough of God in your life? is the question you should be asking.

this year, we planned the retreat to be at Tiara Beach Resort, the venue for H.U.G.E camp 08- and going there for the recce trip brought back interesting memories, and how far everyone has gone since last year! its a beautiful place, and this season we expect tenancy to be low, so we'll have most of the place to ourselves??? sounds AWESOME!!

how is everyone in and away from KDC doing? i wonder, just as you're going through the rigors of life you don't make it an exercise, or worse still, find coming before God a chore. even as you guys and gals are not physically attending cell with us, i believe God's Overflowing can reach even you in Johor, Ipoh, East M'sia, Indonesia, Australia, and to the ends of the earth!! :p

For those who can make it, plz do- come and deliberately put yourself out of your daily setting. no work. no distractions. no ppl around to take away that time for you to seek God in a special way.

and in so doing, let God Overflow in your life.

check out some photos we took:

We ALLLLL need a break!

Imagine the place, 90% gt, and less queues for the slide!!

i hope to see you there, even tho you can't be;
its the heart God sees, and i pray KDC and our generation
will truly Overflow with His love and power!!!
Rock'in On KdC...!

really................come expectant. i know i will ;)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wats Up KDC?

hi guys..how r u guys doing?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

KDC Says Hi Returns ... CHIK-CHAK Photos

Ladies and gentleman, "KDC Says Hi" returns to compete in Chik Chak Photo Rally...

Here are most of the highlights!

1) Started off with the most important meal of the day:

2) Then the strategy session...

3) Challenge: All feet off the ground

4) Challenge: Number plate totalling 25

5) We really woke up after this challenge... haha

6) Gang fight, we were trying to reduce collateral damage (see the unharmed civilian walking past?)

7) Challenge: Jedi mind control

8) 63 toes in the water... shot planned by director Ngu

9) Tree huggers vs MPPJ (Hint: The tree is green)...

10) Helping Louise haul up a great "catch"

11) The suspension bridge shot - we hogged this place for 15 mins but ....

12) Spell out your group name - Visual aid included here ;)

13) Challenge: San Kee had good business on that day

14) Challenge: Class photo (We were too young to take this shot in black & white :P)

15) Challenge: Bad hair day

16) Challenge: We should have attached "Moo's" birth cert

17) Challenge: KFC

18) Challenge: Tallest building in PJ state

19) Challenge: Another bollywood wanna be shot...

No, we didn't really win anything that money could buy, but we got to gel the cell closer (priceless!).